Our cooperation is a specialized private enterprise mainly producing glass liquid thermometers. With a history of nearly thirty years in this trade, it has established sales networks for various thermometers and psychrometers in most regions all over the country. Candy meters, barbecue meters, and (wine meters) are sold in the European and American market. In recent years, we have successfully researched and developed the Galilean thermometer of a new generation, and reached a yearly productive capacity of 30,000 pieces. At present, it has entered the overseas market in the United States, Belgium, Germany, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, etc.
   The Galilean thermometer is a handsome, novel and practical glass thermometer for decoration. With the function of both temperature display and interior decoration, it is suitable for use at home, in the office, hotel, meeting room, etc.
   It is an environment friendly product composed of a tubular glass container, colored balls with temperature tags, and inert liquid. Inside the balls is the nontoxic colored liquid, and the tags are of gold plated alloy. Its principle of work is:making use of the sensitivity of the buoyancy and tension of liquid to the temperature changes as well as the difference of specific gravity of liquid under different temperature. In the glass tube is the temperature sensitive liquid while the colored balls are insensitive ones. When thermodynamic activity occurs to the liquid inside the tube due to the temperature change,
the balls rise or drop accordingly, among which the reading on the metal tag of the lowest floating one is the current environmental temperature.
   It has a high sensitivity(±0.2℃). Its temperature range (around 10℃-40℃ )can be decided in accordance with different regions. The colored balls in the tube can be 4 or 5 to around10 with the division value of 1℃ or 2℃, 2℉or4℉,etc. The number and color of the balls as well as the temperature range can be designed according to the customer’s needs
  Since it goes on the market, it has been well received both in the domestic and foreign market with many virtues such as practicality, novelty,and elegant appearance. Our cooperation warmly welcomes friends at home and abroad to establish business cooperation with us.